Technology Services for Law Firms

All law firms, from big to small, have unique IT needs. From time tracking software to document management all the way to interfacing with court systems Lukava has the experience these firms need to keep systems secure and up-and-running. Your unique needs has required us to take a unique approach. Unlike most technology firms Lukava is able to work with both your infrastructure (your computer systems) and the applications that run on these systems. For instance, if your company works with Clio and is having issues exporting or importing data, we’re able to step in, manage the relationship with Clio and manage the systems it runs on. This approach eliminates finger pointing between the applications group and the infrastructure group so we can fix problems quickly and you get you back to making money.

Managed Services
  • chevron_rightemail
  • chevron_rightphone
  • chevron_rightcomputers
  • chevron_rightall software (any product your office uses)
  • chevron_rightall hardware
  • chevron_rightdisaster recover
  • chevron_rightbackup
  • chevron_rightall IT services

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